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18 Juni 2009

Gambar ini diambil dari website :

Gel Nail Art - Beusli - 33165

Gel Nail Art - Beusli - 33163

Gel Nail Art - Tyaris - 33162

French manicure - kocsu - 33161

Gel built in nail art - kocsu - 33160

this picture is taken from :

<p>Bride: Sarah “Pink” Brown, Azana, Brookfield, Wis.</p>
<p>Wedding: December 3, 2005</p>
<p>“Amy Becker did my nails; it was her wedding present to me. The nails were sculptured gel. Forms were applied, then thick ribbons of frosted pink gel were laid diagonally over the nail extending onto the form, allowing for space to place a rhinestone in between the middle ribbons. The pink gel and rhinestones were then sealed over with a builder gel, shaped, and, for a final touch, a matching rhinestone was adhered behind every nail in the same position as seen in the front.”</p>

“I Do” Nails: What nail look were you sporting at your wedding?

Whether fashion-forward, classic, or trendy, nail techs share the nail styles they were wearing at their own nuptials.

  1. <p>The Working Mom:</p>
<p>She’s a full-time go-getter but still finds the energy to nurture the kids.</p>
<p>Nails by Chomanczuk, Bence, Bence, Bence, Chomanczuk</p>

    Mother's Day Nail Art

    In honor of all the different kinds of moms out there, NAILS has collected some inspired nail art from talented techs to represent some common mothers.

  3. <p>Nails by Tanya Rachele Rose, Hello Gorgeous!, Greenville, Ky.</p>

    Hop to It [Easter Nail Art]

    Celebrate Spring with these nail art designs, inspired by colorful Easter eggs. This gallery mixes the Easter designs from NAILS Magazine’s April 2009.

  5. <p>2006: Thackeray’s clients began requesting chevron-shaped smile lines after getting a look at these lovely nails. </p>

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